Nomination Rules

The Vehicle Selection Rules

Eligibility: All new vehicles on the Ghanaian market are considered, not just current year releases. Limited edition models are ineligible. Eligible vehicles must have a published on-sale date.

Hybrid and Electric variants: In addition to the volume selling petrol or diesel version, all new technologies including, Hybrid vehicle are included.

Minimum Sales Volume: To ensure a focus on vehicles that have market appeal, and depending on the category, a minimum sales volume of 200 or 500 retail sales is obligatory.

Transmissions: For the Micro and Sports car categories, the manual transmission version is selected for scoring, unless the vehicle is only available with automatic transmission. In all other categories, the automatic model is included.

Judges’ discretion: Judges may also include vehicles at their discretion based on market interest, newness, innovation or use of new technologies.

New brands and vehicles: All new brands and completely new vehicles are eligible so long as all other eligibility requirements are met.

National Representation: Vehicles must be represented nationally

Automatic Qualification: All the Car of the Year entries automatically qualifies for the Design Award.

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